How to Make a Seminole Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Relatively easy to do, but packing a wonderful visual punch, Seminole patchwork is a worthy addition to your quilting repertoire.  This tutorial (in two parts) from Geta’s Quilting Studio shows you how to do it.  There is even a free pattern for a pouch.

Geta uses rainbow fabric to make her Seminole patchwork, so if you don’t have that, you will need to improvise a bit.

The tutorial has step-by-step photos and instructions to guide you through the entire process.  She also explores larger and smaller versions in part two of her article.

I love that she used her rainbow strip in a handy pouch.  What a great gift that would be!

Click here if you would like to get the free tutorial: Rainbow Seminole Patchwork Tutorial

[photo from Geta’s Quilting Studio]

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