Product Review – Olfa True Blue Splash Collection

OLFA Introduces “True Blue” Color Collection in its Splash Rotary Cutting Tools Line

The new options include a Navy Blue rotary cutter, a Pacific Blue deluxe handle rotary cutter and Navy Blue cutting mats in three different sizes

OLFA is known for its dependable, classic products, and now crafters can enhance their suite of tools with the new True Blue Splash Collection. Perfect for summer, the collection features the Navy Blue OLFA 45MM Rotary Cutter, the Pacific Blue 45MM Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter, and three Navy Blue self-healing double sided rotary cutting mats in different sizes and a new starter kit combining the best into one well-rounded collection. Plus, OLFA’s new Magnetic Touch-Knife Two-Pack is compact and always within reach thanks to the magnet.

“Our users are creative in everything they do, so we’re excited to extend our collection of craft and quilting tools to match their level of creativity,” said Yvonne Busdeker, brand manager at OLFA. “Users now have a choice of colors that fits their personal style, while distributors can ensure the colors will stand out from competitors on the shelves.” 

The iconic OLFA 45MM Rotary Cutter is now available in Navy Blue, joining the Splash Quick Change family’s Pink, Aqua, and Emperor Purple options. Featuring OLFA’s ultra-sharp tungsten steel blade, these rotary cutters can accommodate up to eight layers of thin material at once. The Splash Rotary Cutter is also designed with a blade cover for safety, and a durable and contoured straight handle for comfort and ease of use.

A combination of comfort, convenience, strength and safety, the Pacific Blue OLFA 45MM Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter is the perfect workhorse for any quilting or craft project. Its ergonomic handle with anti-slip rubber grip eliminates hand fatigue and stress, while the squeeze trigger allows the blade to self-retract for safety. The cutter can handle up to eight layers of thin materials. Plus, it features a dual-action safety lock that allows the blade to be locked while in use, or locked inside the handle when not being used.

By popular demand, OLFA now offers the Navy Blue 24”x36” Self-Healing Double-Sided rotary cutting mat, perfect for large projects. Not only do the OLFA self-healing cutting mats have a long life with their three-layer heat welded construction, but they also extend the life of your rotary blades, too; this Navy Blue cutting mat is designed to stand out while blending in.

Joining the 24”x36” cutting mat is a Navy Blue 6”x8” Self-healing Double Sided rotary cutting mat, great for trimming small pieces and paper piecing. It also stores easily in a travel tote for crafters on the move.

OLFA’s new exclusive starter kit includes a 12”x18” Navy Blue Self-healing Double Sided rotary cutting mat, a Navy Blue 45MM Quick-Change Splash Rotary Cutter and a 6”x12” Frosted Advantage Ruler. Perfect for both beginners and professionals who want to update their equipment, this kit has everything you need to craft and create in style.

In addition to the new True Blue lineup, OLFA also launched its new Magnetic Touch-Knife Two-Pack. Touch knives are compact, handy tools that feature OLFA’s Japanese steel blades, and now they’re even more convenient: Because of the magnet, users can hang this knife within reach for easy access.

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Wanting to know how to care for your rotary cutter and it’s blade? We found this tutorial from OLFA that is sure to help you to keep your blades sharp and maintained.

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