Quilting Block Patterns – Cows

This roundup is for all the free cow patterns or bovine patterns we could find for your quilting needs. All of these paper piecing style patterns are easy to follow. Some have pdfs whilst others just have images to guide you, but ALL of them are free patterns (at the time of writing).  Cows are a popular theme for farmhouse style quilts and mug rugs and quilted kitchen items.

Orions Cow Bessy pattern 

Piecemealquilts – Cows

Christmas Cow Block Pattern. 

Bull, cow bison free Block pattern 

Farm Animal Pattern

Close Up Cow Pattern

Cow and Baskets

Christmas Bull 

Random and interesting facts about cows. Cows are very social animals, and they naturally form large mooing herds. Cows are red-green colorblind. A cow’s heart beats between 60 and 70 beats per minute.

If farmers have a good relationship with their cows—meaning they give them names and show enough affection, they can produce more milk than their lonely friends.

Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies better than you and I . An average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 pounds.


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