Reverse Appliqué Tutorial

Are you familiar with, or have you ever wanted to learn about, machine reverse appliqué?

If you aren’t familiar with it, a good example is a mola. A mola is a textile craft that originated in Panama by the Kuna people.  The artists make all kinds of brightly colored designs.  From animals to geometric shapes, many of the pieces can be quite intricate.

Basically, unlike regular appliqué, where a fabric shape is sewn onto a larger piece of background fabric, reverse appliqué is done the other way around.  The larger piece of fabric is on the top, a shape is cut into it and then a smaller piece of fabric gets sewn on the back of it, so it shows through to the top.

Now I know, that is an extremely simple way to describe the method.  That is why this how-to tutorial from Campbell Soup Diary is so useful.  With detailed step-by-step photos and instructions, the designer takes you through the process from start to finish.  She makes the whole thing look easy, and it is with this article.

You can learn all about machine reverse appliqué here: Reverse Appliqué How-To

[photo from Campbell Soup Diary]

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