ridiculously cute toys by dot pebbles knits

You know when something is so gosh-darn cute you want to smoosh it against your face while making incoherent baby noises? That’s how we feel about Claire Garland’s toys. The crafty lass (also known as @dotpebbles_knits) creates the gentlest-looking creatures for little ones and adults alike (there’s no age limit for soft toys, right?).

We especially love how her bunnies look straight out of a Beatrix Potter book, and how she’s recreated those hedgehog prickles. All right, all right, you got us – we’re obsessed with everything she makes!

If you’re rather handy with knitting needles, you can pop by Claire’s Etsy shop to check out her patterns and craft a critter for yourself. If you’d prefer to continue making high-pitched sounds at your screen, take a wander through the Dot Pebbles Instagram.

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