Zero waste quilting.

In “Zero Waste Quilting,” Patty Murphy presents a revolutionary approach to quilting that not only produces stunning projects but also promotes sustainability and resourcefulness. As someone who cares deeply about minimizing fabric waste and embracing eco-friendly crafting practices, this book spoke directly to my values and aspirations as a quilter.

Murphy’s philosophy of eliminating fabric waste and using every scrap with style resonates throughout the 38 projects featured in the book. From vibrant quilts to charming accessories, each project serves as a testament to the beauty that can be achieved through mindful crafting practices.

What sets “Zero Waste Quilting” apart is its practical insights and actionable advice on sustainable crafting. Murphy goes beyond providing project instructions; she delves into topics such as intentional fabric buying, stash utilization, responsible shopping, and evaluating leftover fabric. As someone who often struggles with managing fabric scraps, I found Murphy’s tips invaluable in maximizing the potential of my stash and minimizing waste.

I appreciate the bonus resources included in the book, such as recommendations for further reading, informed viewing, and profiles of shops offering responsibly sourced fabric. These resources not only enrich the quilting experience but also empower quilters to make informed choices about their materials and practices.

“Zero Waste Quilting” is a must-have for quilters of all skill levels who are passionate about combining their craft with environmental consciousness. Patty Murphy’s thoughtful approach and inspiring projects make this book a valuable addition to any quilter’s library. Whether you’re a beginner looking to reduce fabric waste or an experienced quilter seeking new sustainable techniques, “Zero Waste Quilting” offers a wealth of inspiration and guidance for making every stitch count.


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