10 Curved Piecing AccuQuilt Dies

Up your curved piecing abilities with one of these ten AccuQuilt dies.  They make it a lot easier to piece curves than when you try it on your own.  If you have not tried this system before, think about it.  They take a lot of the guess work out of these unique and tricky quilt blocks.  They can all be purchased in their Go! Die Curved Piecing Secton here.

  1. Great for a scrappy quilt, this Apple Core die is a traditional block.
  2. The Mariner’s Compass is not quite as intimidating as it could be with this block die.
  3. You can’t go wrong with the well-known Double Wedding Ring quilt block.
  4. For a completely unique quilt block you may want to take a look at Cleopatra’s Fan.
  5. The Winding Ways die is a unique and pretty unit for a quilt.
  6. Tried and true, the Drunkards Path die comes in two different sizes.
  7. Another scrap-busting favorite, the Clamshell die is a fun one to use.
  8. Rob Peter to Pay Paul is another old-time favorite made easy with AccuQuilt.
  9. The Flowering Snowball die is a unique and different block.
  10. For a unique take on a nine-patch try out their Glorified Nine-Patch Die.

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