Easy Equilateral Triangle Quilt Pattern

Here is a fun and easy pattern that only uses one unit, the equilateral triangle.  Best of all it is free and comes to us from Lorrie over on SewMod.  Grab a few of your favorite fabrics and get ready to make this fun quilt.

Perfect for a baby quilt, it measures about 35″ x 42″.  Other than the special equilateral triangle ruler which you can purchase here, you will only need standard quilting supplies.  If you don’t want the ruler, the designer provides a second method for making your triangles.  It uses a template.  Either method works, it just depends on what you prefer.

The designer uses seven different fabrics in her baby quilt which makes it almost twinkle.  It’s a simple design that is quite striking.

If you would like to make this quilt, you can find the free pattern and tutorial here: Good Natured Equilateral Quilt Pattern

[photo from SewMod]

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