12 Free Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag quilts are all the rage right now.  Depending on the pattern, they are fairly easy to make and they look great.  I have always liked the texture that rag quilts have, with those fluffed up seams.  To me they are quite warm and cozy.

If you have ever wanted to try making one, or if you’re looking for a new design to try, here are 12 free rag quilt patterns to inspire you.

  1. Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise brings us a method for making a blue jeans rag quilt with no backing.
  2. Soft and cuddly, this rag quilt tutorial from Bright Green Door is supposed to take only 3 hours to make.  Wow!
  3. Learn how to personalize a rag quilt with this helpful tutorial from Cocoa Pie Creations.
  4. Alanda Craft shows us how to make the “easiest ever” rag quilt with this video and step-by-step tutorial.
  5. This looks warm and cozy in the pictures from The Crafty Blog Stalker.  Here’s how to make a rag quilt with Minky.
  6. Ever wanted to know how to add a ruffled border to a rag quilt?  You can learn with this tutorial from Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise.
  7. Check out this unique and special t-shirt rag quilt tutorial from Sweet Tea in the South.
  8. Heather Handmade brings us this patriotic tutorial for how to make a flag rag quilt.
  9. Learn how to make a rag quilt with this tutorial from The Flip Flop Barnyard.
  10. Here’s a fun tutorial from Modernly Morgan on how to make a rustic rag quilt.
  11. Check out this beautiful chevron rag quilt pattern from Hope Corner Farm.
  12. Hometalk brings us another denim rag quilt pattern and includes a video tutorial too.

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