Apple Cider Quilt Fabric Kit

When  Quilt Addicts Anonymous started quilting in 2007, YouTube existed, but not in the capacity it does today. So I taught myself to quilt with a beginner quilting book, grocery store magazines, and Love of Quilting on PBS. All those are great, but not a great substitute for in-person learning or in-depth beginner quilting video courses like the one we created to cover all the basics that you just don’t know when you get started.

So she made A LOT of mistakes … like sewing a perfect 3/8 inch seam for a year-and-a-half because she didn’t know the standard presser foot that came with my machine wasn’t a quarter-inch foot.

Quilt Addicts Anonymous has compiled 15 of my top things she didn’t know when she started quilting to amuse and possibly educate you depending on where you’re at in your quilting journey. Plus you can see some of the first quilts she created.

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