Candy Corn Free Quilt Pattern

Candy corn is one of those candies that people either love or hate.  Personally I cannot wait for the Halloween candy to come out so I can buy a bag of candy corn.  It’s so good, and it reminds me of my grandmother who always had a jar of candy corn in her kitchen all year ’round.  She would always give me a couple to snack on.

It’s also one of those treats everyone eats differently.  Some people take big handfuls of it and others, like me, like to bite off each section separately.  Yummy!  You just know Halloween is around the corner when you start seeing candy corn.

This gorgeous quilt pattern entitled “Candy Corn Toss” from All People Quilt is sure to be a hit if you make it.  Measuring 71 1/2″ square, it is made up of 9″ blocks and sashing.  The detailed instructions that are provided take you through the whole process.  There are even step by step photos to help you assemble the candy corn blocks, which may be a bit tricky, depending on your quilting experience.

While all of the instructions are provided in the blog post, you can also download the pattern.  You can find this charming and “sweet” candy corn quilt pattern here.

It’s a fun design that everyone will love, and it’s best of all, it’s calorie-free!

[photo from All People Quilt]

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