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I had the incredible opportunity to get a sneak peek into the pages of “Jelly Roll Animal Quilts” by Ira Rott. Let me tell you, it’s a delightful collection of patterns that any quilter, whether novice or experienced, will adore.

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One of the highlights of this book is the variety of animal-themed designs it offers. From cute and cuddly creatures like bears and bunnies to playful motifs such as paw prints and fish, there’s something for everyone. Each pattern is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the animal, making them perfect for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, or even as gifts for animal lovers.

I was impressed by the clarity and thoroughness of the instructions provided in the book. Ira Rott guides readers through each step of the quilting process, from preparing and cutting the fabric strips to piecing and quilting the blocks. The detailed diagrams accompanying the instructions make it easy to follow along, ensuring that even beginners can achieve beautiful results.

What I love most about “Jelly Roll Animal Quilts” is the versatility of the projects. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy crib quilt, a playful floor rug, or a charming wall hanging, this book has you covered. I appreciate the inclusion of instructions for themed banners and pet bowl mats, allowing quilters to mix and match elements to personalize their creations.

Ira Rott doesn’t just stop at providing quilt patterns – she also offers valuable tips for achieving professional finishing touches. From adding a non-slip backing to rugs to displaying wall hangings without damaging the walls, her expert advice ensures that every project looks polished and professional.

“Jelly Roll Animal Quilts” is a must-have addition to any quilter’s library. With its adorable designs, clear instructions, and versatile projects, it’s sure to inspire creativity and bring joy to quilters of all skill levels. I can’t wait to dive into these charming patterns and start stitching up some animal-themed quilts of my own



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