diy mini halloween garland

For those of us who are pretty easily scared, this cute-spooky design might feel more suitable during Halloween than an all out slasher-horror look. This sparkly, fringy, mini garland can hang on your door (or even over your desk) to get you in the mood for some B-horror films and copious amounts of sweets to come this Hallows’ Eve.

Halloween garland body




1m fringe trim (about 5cm wide)
sparkly metallic card (2-4 sheets depending how many colours you choose)
PVA/craft glue
cotton thread similar colour to your fringe trim
sewing needle
scalpel or craft night and cutting board


1. Using the template provided print out a sheet of bats/moons on the back (plain side) of one of your sheets of sparkly card. Next, print out the HALLOWEEN template on the back of a sheet of sparkly card (I wanted to use a few different colours, so printed it three times on different coloured card).



2. Cut out your card letters, moons and two bats with scissors. Use a scalpel to finish cutting the ‘holes’ in the O and A.



3. Cut your fringe trim into a 45cm length and a 50cm length. Lay the shorter one on top of the longer one, so the right hand end lines up. Fold this end under twice by about 8mm and stitch together. Now line up the left ends and do the same.



4. Lay out your fringe trim pieces flat. Take your letters and place them along the trim so they line up with the top edge of the shorter piece and are evenly spaced out and the same distance from each end. Pick up each letter in turn and add a little craft glue to the back at the top edge, then press back down. Leave your letters to dry.



5. Once your letters are fully dry you can add your bats and moons! Lay out your moons and bats roughly as you’ll want them to hang (turn your moons so they are sparkly side up and leave your bats black side up). Thread your needle with a doubled length of cotton. Tie a knot in the end (large enough that it won’t come through your needle hole). Pierce one of your moons/bats from the back through to the front, close to the top. Leaving thread enough for your shape to hang where you want it, stitch your thread to the top edge of your bottom (longer) row of fringe trim. Repeat with your other shapes. Hang your garland using a couple of small tacks or nails, one at each end of the fringe trim.


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