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If the pictures in those magazines and newspapers amuse you, the purpose is served! That is what an editorial photographer does. In simple terms, enhancing and highlighting a story with the help of pictures is known as editorial photography. While these pictures are not taken in order to promote a product, they rather stress on the topic that is being discussed in an article. Editorial photographers all over the world work on a freelance basis or with a particular company. Some of them do commercial photography too. They grasp the attention of their readers, and help them have a good comprehension of the topic that surrounds the picture. So, who are some famous photographers that work on editorial basis? Presented below is a list of editorial photographers from all across the world. Go through it:

List of Top Editorial Photographers*

Their images are timeless. They go beyond classes and limits. On the basis of their country, allow me to list some of the top editorial photographers who have made an impact on the people.

Top Editorial Photographers in United States
  • Tim Mantoani
  • Michael David Adams
  • David Anthony
  • Richard Warren
  • Nicolaas de Bruin
  • Eddie Baute
  • Richard Reinsdorf
  • Mark Robert Halper
  • Raya
  • James Markus
  • Dirk Franke
  • Jill Watcher
  • Eric Striffler
  • Shaun Alexander
  • Sylvie Blum
  • Michael Creagh
  • Clay Poole
  • Steven Lippman
  • Amanda de Cadenet
  • Greg Powers
Top Editorial Photographers in United Kingdom
  • James Nader
  • Antony Gerald Stringer
  • Gavin O’Neill
  • Victor De Mello
  • David Slijper
  • Zena Holloway
  • Adrian Collins
  • Lindsay Fowke
  • Richard Campbell
  • Ewen Weatherspoon
  • Simon Vine
  • Mike Harrington
  • Richard Tatham
  • Malcolm Halliman
  • Trevor Burrows
  • Paul Williams
  • Julie Edwards
Top Editorial Photographers in France
  • Ian Abela
  • Andrea Klarin
  • Stephane Bourson
  • Cyril Lagel
  • Yves Lavallette
  • Gyslain Yarhi
  • Yvan Teule
  • Bruno Sabastia
  • David Dalton
  • Rebecca Marshall
  • David Page
  • Claus Wickrath
Top Editorial Photographers in Italy
  • Gabriele Rigon
  • Maurizio Melozzi
  • Settimio Benedusi
  • Filippo Maria Caroti
  • Andrea Massari
  • Walter Ego
  • Elio Leonardo Carchidi
  • Andrea Matone
Other Top Editorial Photographers
  • Bruno Bisang- Switzerland
  • Gaetan Caputo- Belgium
  • Doru Amariucai- Romania
  • Tarun Khiwal- India
  • Quentin Shih- China
  • Nejat Talas- Turkey
  • Andrea Belluso- Sweden
  • Javier Galue- Spain
  • Miloslav Svanovsky- Czech Republic
  • Richard Bernardin- Canada
  • Salvador Pozo- Netherlands
  • Marc Goldberg- Greece
  • Akif Hakan Celebi- Turkey

List of Top Famous Photographers

Where the list of top editorial photographers of the world is endless, presented here is just a fleeting glimpse of some of the top famous photographers of all time. Have a look:

Top Famous Photographers of All Time
  • Henry Cartier Bresson
  • Irving Penn
  • Berenice Abbott
  • Richard Avedon
  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Jill Greenberg
  • Anne Geddes
  • Margaret Bourke-White
  • Dorothea Lange
  • Joe Rosenthal
Top Fashion Editorial Photographers

Many of the above editorial photographers have made a leap towards fame by contributing to the fashion industry. Here is a concise enlisting of some of the most famous fashion editorial photographers who have transformed beauty in a way they saw it:
Top Fashion Photographers
  • James Nader- United Kingdom
  • Andrea Massari- Italy
  • Titus Kana- United States
  • Trevor Brady- United States
  • Andrez Hernandez- United States
  • Jerry Avenaim- United States
  • Mark Herron- United States
  • Adam Sachs- United Kingdom
  • Quentin Shih- China
  • Jana Cruder- United States

*All the above lists of top editorial photographers are assorted, and contain names of only a few of them. There are many others not included in the list.

Like Ansel Adams, a famous black and white photographer once quoted, ‘there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs‘, the above lists boast of some of the most famous photographers and their works that have successfully created magic. Similarly, some easy editorial photography tips can help you lay the foundation to your passion for photography too. For people who have an aesthetic vision just above the average, the world is full of photography ideas. By effectively analyzing the work done by the famous editorial photographers, you can become successful too.

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