Free Bee Quilt Block Pattern

For a whimsical quilt block, look no further than this fun bee from Tilda’s World.  It is a free block pattern that measures 13″ x 12″ unfinished.  Because various fabrics are used to make one bee, it is an ideal design for a scrappy quilt.  Just think of all of the different fabrics you can use to make your bees.

The block has a few tricky parts to it so it is probably not a good choice for a beginner.  However, for those of you with a bit more experience, it should not be that difficult.  One of the charming things about this design that makes it stand out is that it has a bit of embroidery.  The antennae are hand embroidered on, but it could easily be done by machine as well.

You will need 6 fabrics, one for the background and five for the various parts of the bee.  Other than that, standard quilting supplies are need to make this.

Start raiding your scrap fabric bins and make your own bees with this pattern.  You can find it here: Bee Block PDF

[photo from Tilda’s World]

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