How to Avoid Folds and Pleats When Using a Domestic Sewing Machine

One thing I often struggle with when quilting on my domestic sewing machine is avoiding folds and pleats.  This helpful article from The Little Mushroom Cap is a good resource to help out with that issue.

It is so annoying when you have spent hours working on a quilt, only to turn it over and see a big fold on the back.  This article has numerous tips and techniques that are described in detail.  Along with the description, there are helpful photos and diagrams.

Reading through the entire article brings back memories of the times I have gotten a dreaded fold in my quilt backing.  Believe me, it is a pain to fix it.

If you want to avoid the same thing, you will want to check out this article: FMQ on a Domestic Machine: Avoiding Folds and Pleats

[photo from The Little Mushroom Cap]

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