How to Make a Quilted Coat – Free Tutorial

If you are on social media then you have definitely seen all of the quilted coat designs popping up.  It is not super easy to make one, but this article by guest poster Brittney Frey over on Suzy Quilts will help get you started.  After reading it, I’m ready to run down to my quilt room and start sewing.

In the tutorial you will find tips on all sorts of things, from picking out the fabric to finishing it up.  I particularly like the suggestion of making a muslin test piece to make sure it fits.

Make sure to scan down the entire article because every coat is prettier than the next one.  There is even a cute puppy showing off his/her little jacket.

As with all of Suzy’s posts, the photos are exquisite so there is plenty of eye candy to look at even if you don’t want to make a coat.  But after reading this article you may just want to give it a shot.

Click here to read the full article:  How to Sew a Quilted Coat

[photo from Suzy Quilts]

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