How to Make an Eight Point Star Quilt Block

I can’t be the only person in the world who does not like set in seams.  For me they are a big pain.  Unfortunately I like blocks that have them, but I do try avoid them like the plague.  This method over on The Quilting Room with Mel shows you how to make an eight point star without any Y seams.  Yahoo is all I can say!

This tutorial makes a larger, 18″ to be exact, block so it will really pack a punch.  In the article you will find written instructions as well as a link to her video demonstrating the technique.

There are even instructions on making an entire quilt out of this block.  Because it is so large, you won’t need as many blocks as you think to make an entire quilt. The other nice thing about the size is that you could always make a mini quilt of a throw pillow out of it.

If you avoid y seams like I do, but still like to make blocks that may have them, then this tutorial is for you.  Click here to get it: Large No Y-Seam Eight-Point Star Tutorial

[photo from The Quilting Room With Mel]

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