How to Sew a Pinwheel Quilt Block

As quilters, sometimes it is fun to get back to the basics.  With all of the intricate and beautiful quilt patterns available, it’s nice to do something simple, and quilt block tutorials are a great way to refresh, or learn, quilting skills.  That is certainly the case with this tutorial.  New Quilters brings us a perfect pinwheel tutorial for getting back to the basics.

The pinwheel block is one of the most common and traditional blocks used in quilting.  It first became popular in the early 1800’s.  It is also a good way to hone your quilting skills, especially if you are working on getting nice sharp points.  Have you ever been stuck on a block and you just can’t get the points to match?  I sure have, and this tutorial has tips to help you fix that.

There are plenty of step by step photos to guide you through the block assembly.  You’ll be a pro in no time.

Pinwheel quilts are nice scrap buster blocks and they add nice movement to quilt designs.

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[photo from New Quilters]

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