How to Repair a Damaged Quilt

A few years ago I was putting away a quilt and I snagged in on a wire hanger.  It ended up with a 2 inch slash in it and I was heartbroken.  Luckily I am a quilter so I was able to fix it.  Unfortunately, many people don’t have that knowledge.  The good news is that Darcy Quilts has a handy tutorial that goes over how to repair a damaged quilt.

There are a number of sections, so pretty much any issue with a quilt is covered.  There are instructions for fixing the following:

  • A frayed seam
  • A small hole
  • A large hole
  • A hole that goes through all three layers of the quilt
  • A large section of a quilt

With the exception of stains, this article pretty much has everything covered.

Don’t throw out those damaged quilts.  Fix them instead.  It’s not as hard as you may think it is, especially with this article.

You can find the tutorial here: How to Repair a Damaged Quilt

[photo from Darcy Quilts]

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