How to Take Care of a New Quilt

A lot more than just sewing goes into making a quilt.  There are a number of things that need to be considered, one of them being how to take care of a quilt.  Luckily Suzy Quilts explains how to care for a new quilt in a helpful article.

Before I get into the article, can I just say how incredibly beautiful her photos are.  There are some stunning quilts to see, and each one accompanies a care tip for quilts.

Among other things, you will find suggestions on the type of soap to use when washing it and how to prevent bleeding.  If you don’t know what bleeding is, it is when a fabric color runs into another one if it gets wet. It is especially common in red fabrics.  Believe me, there is nothing worse than putting hours and hours of your hard work into making a quilt only to have the white section get stained after one washing.

Another thing that caught my eye was her handy printable to give to folks when you gift them a quilt.  Lots of people aren’t quite sure how to care for their new quilt and this card will be helpful for them.

Click here to get this helpful tutorial: How to Care For Your New Quilt

[photo from Suzy Quilts]

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