Mini Star Cluster Quilt Pattern

To celebrate her 8th year in business, Rose over at Threadbare Creations designed this lovely mini quilt and made it a free pattern.  It’s a Crown of Thorn block with a slight twist.

The finished quilt measures about 16 inches square.  I will warn you that there are plenty of small pieces, so it is not a project for a complete beginner. In addition, you definitely want to piece the quilt carefully and maintain the suggested quarter inch seam.  This is the type of project that is not very forgiving if you aren’t careful.

One thing I really like about this downloadable pattern is that it even has instructions for adding a hanging sleeve.  I don’t see that too often and it is handy to have.

While the fabric measurements are in centimeters, you can figure out the inch equivalent fairly easily.

Click here to get this pretty wall hanging pattern: Free Pattern – Star Cluster Mini Quilt 

[photo from Threadbare Creations]

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