Orphan Block – Quilted Camp Chair Bag

This Orphan block project is actually very creative and a practical project. A camp chair bag is perfect for sporting events too. Now that I am a soccer mom it would be great to have all my random bits and bobs in one spot with my chair. It would make chasing the shade a lot easier too if I didn’t have to pick up a 100 different items to move 1 metre.

You can see the full tutorial for this Orphan block here.

 If you’re an avid quilter surely you’ll have orphan blocks. It doesn’t really matter if you are new, Orphaned blocks will find their way into your life.

Orphan blocks are extra blocks made to test block patterns or blocks that were made for quilts or projects that never got used. With little projects like these, you can turn Quilt Blocks that are just laying around into a functioning item. Maybe you don’t have an orphan block but a 50% UFO set of quilt blocks? Either way, this single block project is perfect for those quilted blocks too.


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