Outrageously Helpful Tips on Salmon Fishing


Salmon fishing is an exciting and rewarding task, provided that you understand the proper way to go about salmon fishing. Whether for recreational fishing or eating purpose, salmon fishing tips will be of great help for getting them in your hook. The two most important factor for catching salmon are the time spent for fishing and the fishing techniques. Spending time in the water without proper knowledge is not enough for catching these fish. Let’s take a brief look at how to go about salmon fishing for you to have successful fishing trips.

Tips for Salmon Fishing

If you are fishing salmon for eating purpose, check out fishing places where you can take the caught salmon. Otherwise, if you catch salmon in the restricted areas, then you have to release the fish back into the water. Tips for fishing salmon vary depending upon where you are fishing, either saltwater or freshwater. Following are some of the effective salmon fishing tips and tricks for either of the two fishing areas.

Fishing Gear: Depending upon your fishing group and number of salmon that you want to catch, you can prepare salmon fishing gear such as poles, lines and fishing lures. For catching many salmon fish, you can consider using a planer board on a boat, so that you can set many fishing lines at a time. Don’t forget to sharpen the hook, so that it protrudes deep into the thick jaws of salmon.

Fishing Time: Plan your fishing time in the morning or evening, as salmon prefers low light conditions. Though daytime salmon fishing is also possible, the chances of hooking them are less. The best salmon fishing time is cloudy days, when many salmon fish swim together. In case of harsh sunny days, they stay deep in the bottom of the water, which in turn becomes difficult to hook them.

Locating the Fish: Tracking salmon position is one of key tips to successful fishing. Salmon thrives in cool habitats where there is clear and oxygenated water. It also likes the areas where there is vegetation. At any point of time, throw the line in the area where you spot salmon, rather than taking chances in other places.

Fishing Technique: Another important salmon fishing tip is applying the right technique. While putting the fishing line in the water, make sure to set it in downstream water. If bait fishing is allowed in the area where you are fishing, then it is the best technique to catch salmon. In order to imitate a live herring, ensure that the fishing line is deep inside the water. Fly fishing is another option for catching salmon, particularly if you are not in a group.

Follow the above tips for fishing salmon. Once you feel the salmon’s pull, you can draw the fishing line immediately to catch salmon. If you locate a hole with many salmon fish, you can enjoy catching them the whole day. You can also take advice from fishermen. After a salmon is hooked, kill it with one blow and store it. You can preserve salmon in the refrigerator for about two days. Once you have finished salmon fishing, cook them in your traditional styles and enjoy different mouth-watering salmon recipes like smoked salmon recipes or canned salmon recipes.

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