Quilting Yardage Cheat Sheet

Sometimes you see a quilt pattern that calls for a certain cut, like a fat quarter.  You may not have any on hand, or you are new and don’t really know what that is.  Don’t worry, Elizabeth over on Brown Bird Designs has you covered.

Her handy article contains charts and how-tos for every cut imaginable.  You’ll be an expert in turning your yardage into precuts in no time. There is even a handy downloadable pocket guide to put in your purse when you go to the quilt store.

I often buy yardage and then wish I had them in those common precut sizes.  Well this article helps me with that.  There are even variations on the different terms.  For example a layer cake is also known as a 10″ stacker.

Click here to get this helpful guide to yardage and precuts: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Yard

[photo from Brown Bird Designs]

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