six diy hair clips to spruce up your locks

Sprucing up your locks is as simple as slotting in a hair clip or two. Admittedly, it’s hard to stop at just one (as evidenced by our issue 90 feature, we’re clearly of the ‘more is more’ school of thinking), which is why we’ve rounded up a six different DIY hair clips and combs for you to have a go at.


Pearl, ribbon and rainbow patch hair clips
The lovely lasses behind A Beautiful Mess have treated us to a tutorial for three different statement hair clips. All you’ll need is a hot glue gun and a bit of creativity.

diy hair clips frankie abm


Marble moon phase hair comb and bobby pins
Grab your trusty block of oven-bake clay and get ready to shape your own marbled moon decorations. With a little shaping and baking, this DIY from Be Makeful will hopefully lead you to a rather celestial mane.

diy hair clips frankie 3


Pearl hair clips
Got an old strand of costume pearls and some plain snap hair clips lying around? Check out this DIY from Make and Fable. Rather than gluing her beads straight on, Emma uses a weaving technique, which she’s thankfully photographed in great detail.

diy hair clips frankie 4

Beaded barrettes
If you’re not a fan of snap clips, Honestly WTF‘s beaded barettes are made using regular bobbby pins. Like the Make and Fable DIY above, this technique also involves carefully weaving the your jewells on using a beading wire.

diy hair clips frankie 6


Eucalyptus hair comb
Geneva from A Pair & a Spare has a super-simple idea: grab a piece of your favourite foliage and use some handy dandy wire to attach it to a hair comb. It’s really as easy as that!

diy hair clips frankie 2


Scrunchie barrette
We’re in the midst of a ‘90s hair accessories revival, so, if you’d like to hit two throwback trends with the one stone, cast your eyes over to these scrunchie barrettes. Whipped up by Orange Bettie, they’re also a rather handy way to make use of fabric scraps.

diy hair clips frankie 5

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