Tips for Successful Straight Line Machine Quilting

It is not always easy to achieve good straight line machine quilting results.  There is usually a wiggle or a pucker, or some other kind of misstep.  I often end up straying to the left or the right because my mind wanders off for a few seconds. Not to worry though, Suzy Quilts has a useful blog post that can help us all out.

You will find 6 tips to help get your straight quilting as straight as it can be.  There is also some beautiful eye candy in this article.  Suzy includes lots of pictures of finished and unfinished quilts.  You can see her quilting progress along the way.

One of the things that is so helpful about this article is that there are also examples of where some of the quilting didn’t turn out exactly to plan.  In addition to the tips, there are plenty of suggestions for tools that you can use to help get that straight line quilting we quilters are always looking for.

Click here to get the article: 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting

[photo from Suzy Quilts]

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