How to Make Quilted Jewelry

Sometimes a project comes along and you just have to do a double take.  That is the case with this stunning idea from National Quilter’s Circle.  How to Make Quilted Bracelets not only includes instructions for the bracelet, but also for making necklaces and the fabric gemstones that adorn the pieces.

Fabric jewelry is always unique, even more so when you make it yourself.  Your creations will always be the center of attention every time you wear them.

This tutorial is done in two parts, how to pick out the fabric for your piece and how to make the “gemstone”.  At the end of the second part are tips to turning the fabric gems into various types of jewelry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about what fabric I will be using to make my necklace and I cannot wait to get started.

Click here to get both of the free tutorials: Quilted Jewelry Part 1 and Quilted Jewelry Part 2

[photo from Colleen Ansbaugh for National Quilter’s Circle]

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