14 Free Crazy Quilt Patterns and Techniques

Crazy quilts have been around for a very long time.  Originally made with various silks and velvets, and including incredibly detailed embroidery stitching and embellishments, they were true works of art.  Quilters still make these beautiful pieces today, and have added their own flair on them.

Here are fourteen various patterns and techniques to make your very own crazy quilt or quilt block.  From fancy to simple and everything in between, you are sure to find a technique that you will want to try.

  1. Here is an easy crazy quilt block method from Instructables.  It would be a good one to start out with if you are new to the technique.
  2. Scrapish brings us another easy quilt block tutorial, great for those larger scraps.
  3. This video tutorial from Sewing with Scraps demonstrates a number of crazy quilt techniques.
  4. Here’s a fun and modern method from Elaine Schmidt which uses a plastic template.
  5. Looking for a beginner’s guide to making a crazy quilt block?  Here’s one from FeltMagnet for you.
  6. The Spruce Crafts has a modern crazy quilt pattern to make.
  7. Perfect for a small project, this pot holder pattern from Craft and Fabric Links is easy to make.
  8. Here’s an interesting paper piecing crazy quilt pattern from Brown Bird Designs.
  9. This free modern baby crazy quilt pattern from Create with Claudia is a terrific scrap buster.
  10. Take the mystery out of crazy quilt piecing with this tutorial from BellaOnlline.
  11. Learn some exquisite hand embroidery crazy quilt stitches in this tutorial from PinTangle.
  12. Allison Day has an entire series of articles on crazy quilt embroidery stitching.
  13. PinTangle made this stunning individual crazy quilt block.
  14. Here’s a look at the entire process of making a crazy quilt from Telling Stories Through the Needle’s Eye.

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