A Be-prepared Checklist for an Amazing RV Camping Experience


RV camping is a fun activity that includes a lot of traveling around the country in search of a new life or to start out on an adventure. Those who’ve retired can find it rather comforting to visit places out there that one has never been to. RV camping started out eons ago, when pioneers traveled the road in search of luck, to expand their roots elsewhere. Now camping is a widely popular hobby that many people indulge in, especially Americans worldwide.

It gives you a chance to do something different for a change. There may be some of you who have never gone camping. If it’s your first time, an RV camping checklist, keep in mind, is a very important list to compile. You’ll find a list of things that you must be sure are in your possession, before you head out. If you don’t have a recreational vehicle, you can always check out RV rentals online for great deals and buys.

RV Camping Checklist Essentials
Camping utilities
► Each one going on the road trip should carry an outline of the trip’s agenda – be it with friends, relations or family; carry maps as well.
► Sufficient supply of money and individual debit / credit cards.
► Make sure everyone has cell phones, battery chargers and extra batteries in case anything should happen.
► Medicines / first aid kit, in case anyone should fall ill / get injured.
► Torchlight’s are an important piece of equipment, so stock up on extras, including batteries.3
► If you’re going to be out in the sun, it is advisable to carry a good supply of sunscreen.
► If you’re planning on carrying a camera kit, make sure you have everything including battery chargers and extra batteries.
Camping utilities
► Don’t forget to carry a couple of bug spray tins – you wouldn’t want mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies incessantly attacking you. Mosquito nets too are a must.
► Firewood when carried may seem like a better option to save time from cutting them up when you camp-out.
► Fuel / coal supply is a must.
► Extra apparel (socks, undergarments, trekking boots, hats, skullcaps, etc.) in case of rains, cold weather or when a change of clothes is needed.
► Remember to carry bed sheets, towels, toiletries, bathing products, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, toothbrushes, shaving kit / women essentials, pillows, blankets if needed, tissue rolls and mattresses that can be rolled up.
► Food and snacks, recipe book (for quick meals), plates, forks, spoons, knives, cleaning liquid for dish washing, scrubs, cups, mini fridge to keep food / beverages fresh, napkins, lighting fluid for camp fire, matchsticks, airtight containers to store food, trash bags, ice boxes to store ice and the likes.
Camping utilities
► Equipment that you need for fishing, diving, snorkeling, rafting, hunting, canoeing and so on.
► If pets are accompanying you on this road trip, make sure you carry all that they need – pet food, cage if needed, treats, chew toys for dogs / cats, pet medication and blankets in case of cold weather.
► Mini gas stove (if you aren’t going to use a direct source of fire.
► RV related gear like toolbox, jumper cables, tapes, extra tires, radiator, transmission liquid, brake fluid and washer oil.
► Camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs and tent related equipment for setup.
► Tire pump, pliers, tire pressure gauge, wrenches, grease, gloves, fuses, screwdriver set, trailer jack and anything that you will need in case of a breakdown or failure of some sort in the RV.
► Phone book of emergency numbers.
► Licensed shotgun or other form of protection.

Some of you probably haven’t tried out RV camping, so try to make sure you have everything listed. For camping beginners, it’s no biggie to venture into camping provided that you are well-prepared.

The best thing to do is plan it in advance, in a stress-free manner, so that you don’t miss out on anything in the camping trip checklist. Also make sure you get your RV inspected; you have to get her into a good garage and have her examined for anything faulty; better to be safe than sorry.

Camping is a leisurely experience, especially for those who have that outdoorsy trait in them. It’s a good way of country trotting, without having to pay so much on airfare, or hotel charges. Either away from work, the kids, the bustling city, a monotonous routine or mundane surroundings – it will do you much good to breakaway. You can experiment with another state’s / town’s food, meet new people, collect memorabilia and take loads of pictures for others to see once you return home. The road is all yours!

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