Hilariously Funny Camp Prank Ideas That are Just Perfect


Camping and pranks literally go hand-in-hand. Be it playing practical jokes on your friends, or having a revenge prank, they will definitely lighten up the entire atmosphere, and also create a lasting memory. Some pranks mentioned here are classics – innovative, clean, and funny.
Camp Prank Ideas
Before carrying out any prank, make sure you do not hurt anyone (physically and otherwise) in the process. Secondly, when you play a joke on someone, you should be prepared to be a victim of their jokes. If you are bored of the toothpaste, shaving cream, squirting gun pranks, ThrillSpire provides some more exciting ones for you to try.
* These are clean and simple prank ideas, to be played so as to have fun, but, not to hurt anyone.
Shoe Mountain
shoe pile
If you want to pull a prank on the entire group, here it is. In the dead of the night, when everyone is asleep, sneak out, gather everyone’s shoes, and pile them up together. Hell will break out in the morning when people start hunting for their shoes.
Dry Shower
dry garbage
Take a paper cup and fill it with all kinds of lightweight trash, like dust, paper bits, dried leaves, etc. Attach a long string to the cup. Keep this paper cup on top of a bunk bed, or in the doorway such that the cup is not visible, but, the string is. An unaware person will want to pull the string to check what is it. You will have a hearty laugh when the contents fall on him.
The Classic
paint prank
A classic, tried-and-tested, yet popular prank is painting a person’s face when he/she is asleep. You can use face paint, make-up, talc, etc. You can even paint guys’ nails bright red or pink. Otherwise, you can put some paint on the victim’s hand while he is sleeping. He will involuntarily make a mess of his face and clothes.
Duct Tape Prank
tape prank
You will find that a duct tape is one of the most useful equipment that can be used in several prank ideas. When a person is sleeping, you can tape his hands to his sides, or tape him altogether to the bed.
High Rising Socks
sock prank
Now, here is another classic and clean prank idea that can be played on camp counselors. Cut the ends of the person’s socks discreetly, and keep them neatly folded inside the shoes. When the unsuspecting person wears his socks, it will reach to his knees, and you will have fun seeing him caught unaware.
Try to Get Through This
saran wrap prank
Just like the duct tape, the saran wrap is another interesting product for playing pranks. When there is no one around, tape the saran wrap to the door such that no creases or folds are visible. Any person getting up in the night will have a tough time getting through the door.
Colorful Shower
shower prank
If possible, carry drink crystals or edible food color with you to the camp. Put a handful of drink crystals in the shower head. The next person using the shower will be showered with orange, blue, or green water.
Charmed Snake
snake prank
You will need a rope for this prank. Tie a knot at one end of the rope to make it appear like a snake’s head. Throw the rope on a sleeping victim’s blanket and shout, ‘Snake! Snake!’ Record the person’s reaction. Otherwise, you can place the rope in the victim’s sleeping bag and watch his horror when he slides into the bag.
Treasure Hunt
clothes prank
Collect clothes of the victim and hide them safely inside the tent/cabin. Take a trash bag (filled with trash), and place it on a tree or in some place that is not easily reachable. Inform the person that his clothes are hidden in the trash bag. When they struggle to get the bag and open it, watch the look on their face. Then dutifully return their clothes from the cabin.
You can always have the last laugh with these clean camp pranks played on your friends. Along with other memories, you and other camp mates will cherish these pranks as a wonderful experience later on. Remember, pranks, although meant for fun and enjoyment, should never hurt anyone in any way. If you have some more ideas or experiences, please do mention them in our comments section for other readers. Ciao!
Disclaimer: The pranks mentioned here are not intended to harm anyone. One should be considerate, and play safe when carrying out any prank.

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