A Fun Project on How to Easily Knit a Hat By Yourself


Although, many people think that hats are an outdated fashion statement, not making much of an impact on the fashion trend anymore, it isn’t entirely true. Hats are still in around many countries of the world. If wearing hats is cool, so is making them. A fun project to undertake, read this article which gives you easy pointers on how to easily knit a hat by yourself.

If you are a beginner in the field of knitting, perhaps starting off with easy projects is a better option. Knitting a hat will involve all the basic knitting techniques like cast on, bind off, purl stitch. So, up for it?

Abbreviations Used

  • Stitch – st
  • Stitches – sts
  • Knit 3 stitches together – k3tog
  • Stockinette – St st
  • Ribbing of knit 1, purl 1 – 1×1 rib
  • Repeat from – *

Measurements of a Ready-to-Wear Hat
Approximately 26” – 27” around the rim of the hat. 9” from the top of the hat to the bottom of the rim edge.

(Note: The final size of the hat depends on the type of knit stitches you give it – loose or tight).

Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4” x 4”


  • Use size 8 U.S. Needles and cast on 86 sts on the knitting needle.
  • Knit in 1 x 1 rib until the total project measures about 1” long.
  • Now stitch over to size 9 U.S. needles and follow the same procedure.
  • Row 1– Knit 86 sts
  • Row 2 – Purl 86 sts
  • Remember the 1st and 2nd rows set the pattern in a stockinette stitch.
  • Keep working in a similar fashion for 6” ending with a purl row every time.
  • Now comes the time where you have to give a shape to the top of the hat.
    • Row 1: First *knit 3 sts and then k3tog.
    • Continue knitting in this manner row after another by starting at *knit again and repeating the entire process in the same manner.
    • Row 2: Simply purl stitch.
  • Now, continue to knit 1st and 2nd rows until there are 7 sts left behind on the knitting needle.

Finish the Hat
This is the last part of your project, wherein, you will have to cut the yarn, tie the knots, and end your project in the most appropriate manner.

  • Before you cut the working yarn from the project, make sure you leave about 15” of yarn from your last knit stitch.
  • Next, use the chopped yarn end to thread a large yarn needle.
  • Gently draw the knitting needle out of the last 7sts and insert it back through the 7 stitch loops.
  • Slowly pull the yarn, keep pulling it until it comes off completely, and the last stitch slips into the top of the hat neatly.
  • Now fold the hat. Make the bottom edges even and right sides together.
  • After performing the above step, in the next step you will have to sew the edges of the hat.
  • Begin to sew them using the same needle and yarn it neatly from top to bottom edge.
  • Knot the bottom edge tightly and turn the hat upside down to check your work.

Your hat is now ready to be worn. wear it and flaunt a new you. Most beginners find it quick and comfortable when they knit on two straight needles. Generally, a beginner who knows to knit a scarf, using straight needles, can proceed to knit a hat too, in a much better way.

Once you master the skill of using straight knitting needles to knit fancy, creative hats, the next step is to knit your hat with circular needles. These knitting needles come sans end caps and are joined together with a cord. Hence they are a bit different. With the help of these needles, and also without switching between them, you can actually learn knitting a hat in the round. They help in joining the seam knits in the end of the hat which gives your hat a very professional and attractive look.

You can do a lot of exploring and experimenting when it comes to knitting. So, if you have a bag full of knitting patterns for hats, head gears, winter caps, caps with ear-flaps, and the likes, pull them out of your closet, start knitting right away, and revamp your wardrobe in style!

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