Scout for Some Classes to Polish Your Knitting Skills


Whether you are a pro at knitting or just a beginner, taking a class to sharpen your skills or learn the basics can be a really fun thing to do this winter, and it can yield some pretty awesome results. From the fundamentals of knitting to how to knit a specific pattern, taking a class can provide you with expert guidance, structured time to get a project done, and socialization with people who share your interest and hobby. Knitting classes are definitely a refreshing experience and something to keep your fingers nimble during the winter months.

Learning the Basics

If you have never knit anything before, you may want to start with a basic knitting class. These classes often focus just on teaching you the different skills needed to knit something without actually producing an actual product. The goal here is for you to learn the terminology and the different stitches so you can make beautiful patterns with the yarn you have. The great thing about classes like these is that you can make mistakes without ruining an entire project, because you are not actually working on a project. Plus, you’ll have an expert there to help you correct any mistakes, as well as provide you with tips and tricks that only experienced veterans know. When you are finished with a basic class, you can move on to creating beautiful patterns that are so much more than just scarves!

Completing a Pattern

Classes that focus on completing a pattern vary widely. You might take a class on hats, or a class that instructs you how to make a specific sweater, baby outfit, cardigan, socks – the possibilities are endless. These classes provide a focus for the work, but you also are able to hone your skills and work with an expert who will help you make the most of your time there. These classes are great for people who chronically start projects and then never finish them because they afford you the time to set aside to get the project done. If you were always dreaming about making that really great sweater and having people compliment you on how unique and awesome it is, these classes are for you.

Equipment You’ll Need

Any institution that offers the knitting classes in which you are interested will tell you exactly what you need to start a class. Be sure to check with them before you go and buy out the entire knitting aisle of a store, because you may end up spending way too much money. Sometimes, the places that offer the classes will include the price of materials in your fee. However, if you are just starting to knit on your own, you will probably need a few basic things. First, the best thing to do is to choose a yarn you like. This can be based on texture, thickness, feel, color, or any number of reasons. Once you have the yarn you like, check the label. This will tell you what size needles are best to use with that particular yarn. Buy those needles, and you are on your way to becoming a knitting master!

Where to Find Classes

Some towns have stores that are entirely devoted to knitting. These stores almost always offer classes, or they know where you can take classes nearby. They are also staffed with knitting experts that can help you find the materials you need to begin knitting and be successful. If you do not have a knitting store near you, check out park districts or do an internet search for knitting classes in your area. You might be surprised at what you find.

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