Confused About How to Make Scented Candles? Find Out Here


Scented candles are popular crafts that people use to decorate their homes with or gift somebody on special occasions. These not only look beautiful, but also spread a wonderful fragrance in the vicinity. They are expensive due to their rising popularity. So, instead of spending big bucks for buying them at the super-exclusive store, why not try your hand at making them yourselves? They are extremely easy to make, since you are making them, I’m sure you would put in extra efforts to make them more beautiful, and the joy that comes with the job is overwhelming. Get yourself ready with these tips.


All you need is basic equipment, like wax, molding containers, scents, and a proper procedure to follow.

  • Paraffin wax
  • Molding container of desired shape
  • Scent
  • Thermometer
  • Candle wick
  • Pouring container
  • Color
  • Heat source

NOTE: Wax is an inflammable material, you need to be careful while handling it. Keep a fire extinguisher near you, you may need it in case of an emergency. If you have small children around, then keep them away while doing this. It is necessary that you take appropriate safety measures during the whole procedure.


Before you start, it is necessary that you arrange all the required equipment properly. Paraffin wax is available at all stores and buy the amount that is required for the size of candle you want to make. Then comes the important part, i.e., the mold for the candle. Usually pillar candles, that are cylindrical in shape, are the most common. You will get the molds for this shape at any store that keeps materials required for crafts. If you want to go for different unusual shapes, you will have to explore more stores. You can even make them in a glass or any transparent container. Candle wicks are available at almost all general stores. Scents used for these candles are of two types, solid and liquid scents, out of which the aroma of liquid scents lasts longer. There are three forms for wax color, powder, liquid, or color chip. Choose the appropriate one that fulfills your needs. You require a thermometer to keep an eye on the wax temperature. Heat source is required to melt the paraffin wax in a pouring container. You can use a simple burner for this. The heat source should be such that it is easy to clean in case the wax spills. For pouring it in the container, you can choose a tin container, with a small spout so that it makes pouring the melted wax into the mold easy. Once you have gathered all these materials you can start with the actual procedure.

Step #1: Place the paraffin wax in the pouring container kept over the lit heat source. Insert the thermometer in the melting wax. The temperature of the wax should not exceed 175 degree Fahrenheit or 80 degree Celsius.

Step #2: Add the chosen color of the wax and stir the mixture slowly. Color chips are the best to work with. Remember the color of the wax changes when it cools down, so add the color accordingly. Later add the scent to the mixture.

Step #3: By the time the wax melts, prepare the wax mold. Place the candle wick at the bottom of the container with its end protruding out. Use a pen/pencil or some wooden support for the same.

Step #4: Once the wax and the added contents have been properly mixed, pour the mixture carefully in the mold. The wax will start cooling down and will contract, you need to make some holes on the surface to let go the air stuck inside. The surface of the wax will be a bit sunk near the wick, so add more wax into the mold until you get a flat surface throughout. Leave the wax to set and your scented candle is ready.

Step #5: Carefully remove the candle from the mold. Use innovative ideas to decorate it.

Once you have mastered the art of making these exotic and breathtaking candles, you can even teach your friends to make them and enjoy the craft.

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