Essential Gear for Motorcycle Camping


For people who have had enough of their mundane lives, who can’t take anymore monotonousness and rigidity as part of their routine, and for those who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, motorcycle camping is one of the best things to do. The joy of experiencing the ultimate freedom of traveling the country on a motorcycle and the simple beauty that can be found in the lands, can be quite overwhelming. It’s important to carry a good gear though, as not doing so could be troublesome.

The thrill of being alone on a motorcycle for endless hours is one that is hard to put into words. It’s a feeling of detachment and aloofness from a bitter world and it really gives one a moment to reflect and ponder upon many things. Some people absolutely thrive on the solitary ride and for them, there is no greater joy in life than to be unbound by the frills of society and irksome obligations. Combining camping with adventure is a great idea as it gives you an opportunity to spend time in the midst of nature. Gear is required in order to make your ride easier and comfortable.

You need to remember though that you must not carry things that are very heavy. You are on a motorcycle after all, and the lighter you travel, the better it will be. The duration of your ride will help you determine how many items you should actually include in your list. Carry the bags that can be saddled onto your bike, as mounting them on your back for a long time will be quite a pain.

The Gears

The items that you need to carry, will fall into a few fixed categories. Give some thought to all these categories before you make a list. Feel free to include or exclude any items that you see here. Keep it simple and carry only those items that you are certain to use.


Figure out how you’re going to eat. You can either cook, or you can eat at small joints. Keep your budget in mind though, and don’t overindulge yourself. Carry some easy to eat supplies of food that may prove useful in an emergency. Energy bars, chips, biscuits, and some energy drinks will help. If you plan to cook some camping food recipes, carry a few light pots and pans. You’ll need to make a fire, so carry a few matchboxes and a lighter. Do not cart along a lot of food, as you can simply buy it on the way. A small bottle of whiskey to keep you warm in the nights is also recommended.


For those on a higher budget, renting a room to spend the night is probably a good idea. But this will cost a lot of money. For the more adventurous and free spirited people, sleeping in a tent or a sleeping bag is a better idea. Ensure that you have carried some cover for the night as it is easy to catch a chill. Carry enough warm clothes and some plastic bags to wrap them up, in case they get wet.


You also need to take with you a basic tool kit in order to fix your bike. Visit a mechanic and learn some basic troubleshooting. Learn how to change the oil, how to fix a flat tire, and how to check for unplugged and loose wires. Carrying an extra tube for the tires is also advisable. Your motorcycle is going to play an important part in your journey, so you need to get to know it better. Take good care of it and do not neglect any strange noises.


One of the things that many people tend to overlook is their own protection. Riding out for days or weeks on the road, invariably means you will come across some shady characters. You need to be prepared for such instances, as and when they arise. Just a small knife may not be enough, so carry a larger one and keep it within reach. A knife will have many other uses as well. Refrain from carrying firearms unless you know how to handle them. Always be cautious with the people that you mingle with, and preferably don’t give rides to strangers unless you really have to.


Apart from these necessary items, there are a few more necessities that you need to carry.

  • Torch
  • Map
  • First aid kit
  • Books
  • Compass
  • Swiss knife
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Spare shoes

When you are making a list, keep in mind that you have to carry only those items that are going to be useful at some point. Unnecessarily stuffing your bag with meaningless things will just add to the weight and slow you down.

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