How to Fold Quilts Correctly

Have you ever unfolded a quilt only to see creases?  Some of those creases don’t want to come out.  This video tutorial from the National Quilter’s Circle shows you how to fold all of your precious quilts to prevent damage.

It is not just creases that happen over time.  The fabric can start to deteriorate and tears may happen.  Staining can also be a problem.

Not only does the video show a great folding method, it has tips on how to store your quilts as well.

I don’t know about you, but I have many quilts, and there is no way I can display them all at once.  It is helpful to know a good way to fold them.

You can see this helpful video and read the companion blog post here: How to Fold a Quilt to Prevent Damage

[photo from National Quilter’s Circle]

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