How to make a candle holder that stands out

When you walk around the shops, and stores particularly at Christmas time, have you marvelled at some of these eye-catching ornaments and trinkets which really catch your eye, and screams out “its Christmas coming!!

This candle holder that i made is truly one of those items, and i think this is something that you will find easy to make, and it can be used all year round, and when you look at it, it will give you that Christmaaaas feeling.

You will need:

1, balso wood/ or you could use cardboard.

2, x acto knife.

3, Spraypaint, or glitter paint and a brush.

4,Tracing paper.


6, Gloves.

7, Glue.

1, Trace the picture of my candle holder above, then enlarge on a photocopier. Alternatively if you feel confident just freehand  draw to whatever size you feel is right for your holder.

2, Use tracing paper to mark, transfer the image on either your cardboard or your balsa wood.

3, Use x-acto knife to cut out carefully to create

your shape. Take care when using this knife to wear gloves, and use the right size blade. ( If you use balsa wood you will need a sharper blade than if you use cardboard! )

4, now you can embellish with either some gold paint, or sparkle glitter paint with small  paint brush.

Cut a square, or a circle of about 4” in size to make a base for the ornament and the candle to sit in.

Simply attach this base with glue.

Voilla you have a great Christmas ornament.


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