frankie exclusive diy: make your own photography light box

Should you find yourself with the need to take some great product photos (or just wanting to show off your collection of op shop bits and bobs), there’s no need to hire out a schmick photography studio to get top-notch shots. Instead, you could whip up a simple light box from some tissue paper and cardboard. Read on for the full instructions.

lightbox bi2


cardboard box
white tissue paper
craft knife
packing tape
white cardboard/poster board


1. Cut the top flappy bits off your box, leaving the whole top open.

2. Next, cut out three of the four sides, leaving about 3cm border all the way around. Pop out the cardboard so they’re like big windows.

3. Spread tissue paper across each open side of the box, attaching it carefully with your packing tape. Leave the top open.

4. Cut your white poster board to the width of the box, then, with the open side of the box facing forward, place the board inside so it curves up the back, creating a cardboard ramp (it’ll look a little like a skate ramp!).

5. Now you’re ready to shoot! Take the light box into a bright, sunny room and pop an object inside on the flat surface. The tissue paper will filter the light, creating a soft, bright environment for your photos.

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