How to Make a Teapot Cozy

Put your quilting skills to good use with this pretty tutorial from Hello Sewing.  This tea cozy is perfect for you or and all of your tea (or coffee) drinking friends.  It is also easy to make with this handy tutorial.

The article guides you through all of the supplies you will need and includes step-by-step instructions on assembling the entire thing.  For those of you who like to learn via video, there is also video tutorial included.  There is even a section on figuring out the dimensions needed for your teapot size.  That is super helpful.

The photos are a big help because there are a number of steps to this project.  However, when you are done, you have an adorable tea cozy that would make a charming gift.  It also serves a very practical purpose and that is keeping your tea warm.  Unless I’m drinking iced tea, I like mine hot.

Click here to get the free tutorial: Free Tea Cozy Pattern

[photo from Hello Sewing]

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