How to Make Beeswax Candles


Beeswax is often preferred than paraffin because it is devoid of any chemical and hence you can burn them without any kind of worry. Before your proceed on to making the candles, it is essential to know how to make beeswax.
Preparation of Beeswax
Materials Required
Honeycomb capping, solar ovens, knee-high hose, candle wicks, cheese cloth, coffee cans, large bowls or pans, and strainers.


  • Wash the wax capping thoroughly in water. This will help in removing all the honey.
  • Remove any large and black pieces of honeycomb.
  • In order to remove all the honey, wash it another 3 to 4 times.
  • Now place the capping in a strainer or cheesecloth which will help in draining.
  • The next step is to melt the wax in a solar oven. Over a coffee can, stretch a knee-high nylon stocking.
  • On top of the hose, place the capping.
  • In the solar oven, place the coffee can till the capping melts completely, after which you will get melted wax.
  • Remove it from the oven and pour this melted wax into molds or make dipped candles.
Preparation of Candles

Procedure 1

  • The tools and materials you will require are as follows: 1 sheet of beeswax, 1 cotton wick which is at least ½ inch longer than the beeswax sheet, and scissors.
  • Cut the sheet in two equal parts.
  • Place one of the pieces on a clean surface and lay a part of the wick on the edge of the sheet closest to you. At least ½ inch of wick should extend from each side of the sheet.
  • Start rolling from the edge where you have placed the wick. Around the wick, tuck the edge of the piece of beeswax. Seal it well so that when you continue rolling it, the sheet will be rolled up neatly and evenly.
  • Using your hands, roll up the sheet evenly, slowly and carefully by exerting same amount of pressure. While you are rolling it, take care that you roll the sheet straight and tight so that the candle also becomes straight. A compact candle will burn well and will also be more appealing.
  • When you are about to reach the end, ensure that the candle is rolled more tightly.
  • After you have finished this step, seal the edge of the roll properly so that it won’t come out.
  • The last and final step is to trim one end of the wick. This readies your candle.

Procedure 2

  • The materials you will require are beeswax drippings, cotton thread, a pot which has a diameter of 10 inches and is 10 inches in height, a glass which has a height of 8 inches and 2 inches wide, and newspapers for splatters.
  • Break the drippings into small chunks with your fingers.
  • Heat water in a pot and put the chunks in it.
  • Heat till the wax melts completely. It takes an average time of 15 minutes to melt.
  • Continuous stirring will hasten the process of melting.
  • After the wax melts, dip the cotton string (wick) in the melted wax present in the container. While doing this, the container should be placed on the newspaper so that even if the wax spills out, it won’t damage the flooring.
  • In order for these candles to become straight, you can use glass and for getting a better quality of candles, you can also dip them in cold water.

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