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According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), scented candles produce more black soot as compared to plain, normal candles. It is made up of fragrances with high concentration of oils which causes to produce more soot.
Candles are one of the most popular things in the U.S. It has been estimated that seven out of ten households use candles on a daily basis. Companies design candles that suits everybody’s taste and desire. Novelty candles, tapers, birthday candles, liturgical candles, etc are the various types of candles used.
More than a billion pounds of wax is utilized to produce candles. Container candles, pillars, and, votives are amongst the famous type of candles. Consumers tend to buy candles that has good fragrance, shape and color generally takes a back seat in the selection process.
Many of us love to adorn our bedroom or drawing room with nice scented candles. They are pretty to look at and even the fragrance helps to calm the atmosphere, not to forget the ambiance it adds to your house. But if you cringe at the thought of using your favorite scented candles just because it does not burn for long, then you have come to the right page. We fail to realize that there is a proper method to burn a candle to not only prolong its life, but also to prevent candles from tunneling, to prevent black soot when burning candles. Making your house smell like French vanilla or PATCHOULI is not cheap anymore. Read on to learn more about how to make candles last longer.
How To Make Candles Burn Longer
Follow the instructions
Follow the instructions
Many candles come in with instructions on how to make your candles last longer. You can follow these tips to ensure that your candle burns for a longer duration and efficiently.
Choose candle shapes wisely
Choose candle shapes wisely
There are varieties of candle shapes available, but to keep candles burning evenly opt for a circular-shaped candle. In such candles, the wax is evenly distributed and is at an even distance from the wick. The problem with irregular-shaped candles is that they burn unevenly, and much of the wax left is of no use, unless you decide to make your own candles.
Check candle composition
If you are planning to make your own candles or purchasing homemade ones, try out different types of waxes and additives to find the perfect combination which burns for a longer period of time.
Trim candle wicks
Trim candle wicks
This is the easiest way to lengthen your candle’s life. Trimming not only increases its life, but the candle melts evenly. To make candles last longer, reduce the wick to 1/4 inch before burning it. Keep in mind that the wick of a candle should not be more than ¼ inch to ¾ inch long, and trim it before you lit the candle. Longer wicks tend to smoke, emit black soot which is make your walls, or glass black, plus it fails to provide oxygen to the flame which leads to excessive flickering.
Refrigerate it
Yes you read it right! Candles generally last longer, almost 2 times more than the unfrozen candles if you store it in a freezer one day prior to using them. Alternatively, you can keep the candles in the freezer two or three hours before its usage. Freezing would chill the wax which would help to burn the candle slowly.
Place it away from the drafts
Candles should be kept away from windows, doors, fans, and, vents as this will cause the flame to flicker, which means uneven heating. Due to drafts, candles will melt faster and you will be left with an uneven melted wax residue.
Buy multi-wick candles
Invest in evenly-spaced multi-wick candle. This will burn more evenly than a candle with a single wick. This reduces wastage of wax and multi-wick candles are suitable for jar candles.
Storing a candle when not in use is also beneficial in increasing their lifespan. Always store candles in cool and dark places away from the sunlight and artificial heat. To minimize warping in taper candles should be kept flat.
Invest in snuffers
Invest in snuffers
Instead of blowing out candles directly you can purchase a snuffer candle extinguisher. Blowing out candles results in careless wax splash and soot distribution which always contributes to lower its burning time.
Warm your candles
Your candles too need your love and embrace. A candle warmer does not actually light the flick, but it heats up a scented candle. You will surely lose some of its fragrance but it is useful to alter its life span.
Decrease Tunneling
Decrease Tunneling
Tunneling takes place when a candle won’t burn near the edges by forming a well of melted wax. The biggest reason for candle tunneling is because people don’t let their candles burn for long. This way the well becomes deeper making it impossible to light the wick, as the wick seems to drown in the melted wax pool. You can simply fix this by letting it burn until the wax reaches the edge of the candle. If you have a candle with a two-inch diameter, let it burn for at least two hours.
A pinch of salt
Table salt uses is just not limited in our kitchen section. Here is one more to add to the list, it can extend the life of your candles. First off, light the candle and once the wax has melted and grouped under the wick, blow it out but quickly sprinkle a pinch of salt in the pooled wax, but make sure it dissolves with the wax. This method will extend your candles life.
These candle burning tips are fairly easy to follow and if you love to light a candle on a regular basis, it will help you save a lot of money. If you find the idea of making your own candles fascinating, then make sure to utilize scraps of wax from older, unburnable candles to incorporate into new homemade candles.

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