Improv Quilted Birch Trees – Free Tutorial

Are you interested in doing a little bit of improv quilting?  Sometimes it’s fun to just go with the flow and not follow a particular pattern.  This helpful tutorial from 3rd Story Workshop shows you how to make improv birch trees.

Of course, this improv technique is not just limited to birch trees.  One could easily change up the look just by changing the fabric used.  Just look at all of the variations that are shown at the end of the article.

As you will see in the tutorial, the designer uses her birch trees to border a beautiful fox quilt block and then turns the whole thing into a quilted throw pillow.  It looks like a scene right out of winter.

The tutorial goes into details on how to change up the angles and size of your fabric pieces to achieve a varied look. It also gives tips on making the trunks skinnier.

If you feel like doing something a little different, why not try making these improv birch trees.

[photo from 3rd Story Workshop]

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