New to Knitting? These Instructions for Beginners Will Help You


Knitting is an art and therefore gets deeper as you explore the various techniques and styles involved in it. However, as a beginner, it is necessary to learn the basics and create a strong foundation for the advanced knitting patterns, ready to challenge you in the future. The easy instructions given below, would give you a head start for practicing the most basic, yet the most important knitting moves.
Slip Knot

Pull some yarn out and create a loop, making it look like a X. Further, you can see a strand of yarn over the X. So, hold the strand and bring it behind and through the loop. The last step is to pull the newly created loop through the old loop and then pull it down to prepare the slip knot.

Cast On

Hold a needle in your right hand and then wrap the tail over your left thumb. Further wrap the yarn over your index finger. Now, insert the needle through the thumb loop and then again create a loop through the working yarn. Slowly release the thumb loop and fasten the needle loop by pulling the tail in front.


Knitting step is an important one and therefore needs to be done carefully. For knitting, you need to hold a needle along with loops in your left hand. Now, insert the right needle and then enfold the yarn around the needle. Create a new stitch by drawing the yarn through the needle.


Hold an empty needle in your right hand and the needles with stitches in your left hand. Both the needles should be facing each other. Now, insert the right needle, through the stitch of the left needle and to form an X. Hold the needles in X position, with the index finger, middle fingers and thumb of your left hand. Now, enfold the yarn around the front needle in an anticlockwise direction. Bring the yarn around and towards the front side of the right needle. Now, push down the right needle through the middle part of the stitch of the left needle. The last step is to pull out the remaining portion of the yarn, by pulling the right needle towards the right direction. Ensure that, by pulling, the new stitch slopes from the left needle to the right needle.

Bind Off

Bind off is probably the last instruction. Start off by knitting a couple of stitches. Now, insert the left needle through the first stitch of the right needle. With the left needle, pull out the first stitch over the second one. Finally, push the stitch completely off the left needle.

So these were some basic knitting instructions for beginners. Remember, in the initial days, insist on learning the right techniques and gain expertise over them. Finally, as the old saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, so keep on practicing.

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