Ever Heard of Finger Weaving? Learn How to Do it Here


Grandma must have cuddled you up in the warmth of her sweater and wool with her amazing skills of knitting yarn. Though there is plenty of ready-made and stitched wool in the market, there is something about hand weaving that makes it valuable. So did you know that there is another way of weaving while at home without using any needle or sticks? Surprised! Well, most of you know about it. It is finger weaving, and here, all that you need is some yarn and your fingers. This is not a new concept, in fact it was conceived in North America as a textile production technique. It was widely used in this region while it also spread across Asia.

Finger weaving is still followed in certain parts as a historical and cultural art form. Most of it is followed by native American crafter’s, who also teach people this technique of weaving with fingers. Not only is this a cultural art but if learned well, you will know that this is actually easy and a fun thing to do. Finger weaving can be a good choice for crafts for kids, while they learn a new craft and also weave some fun memories! So get ready with some yarn and five little workers on your palm as we knit some easy steps on how to finger weave.

Easy Instructions for Finger Weaving

Get some of your favorite yarn. Or you can also try other material, like for kids it can be a simple thread, or thick wool. Other things can be lace, cloth threads and more. This may take some time, so make sure you keep patience on the cards and then sit down for this craft technique. But don’t worry this is not difficult, it is easy, just like knitting for beginners, and how – just read these simple steps below.

  1. First take the loose end of the yarn and tie it around the thumb in a loop. It should not be very tight or very loose. Just tight enough to hold the thread in place.
  2. Take the yarn and wrap it from behind the index finger, then run it in front of the middle finger and then again from behind the ring finger. Next loop the pinky finger. So in simple terms you will be running the thread alternating each finger in the front and the back.
  3. Once you loop the pinky finger, repeat the same method, that is run the thread below the ring finger above the middle finger, below the index finger. This should give you two lines of thread, running alternatively through your fingers.
  4. Now pick the first loop on your finger and pull it out of that finger, so that it forms a loop and knot on the outside. That is, the loop should now be at the back of the finger. Repeat this on each loop on each finger.
  5. Continue to run the thread in and out of the fingers similarly and pull each loop out of the finger, as described in step 3.
  6. Now once you finish the weaving, put a line on the bottom of the fingers as described above (that is pull each loop out from the finger), so that there is one single finished line. Cut the yarn while leaving some extra space on the end for each loop.
  7. Pull this end from each loop on each finger. Now tie both the loose ends of the thread or yarn in a knot.

There you go… A hand woven piece of art all by yourself, in a few simple steps and no hassle. Well, we now know, how to finger weave, and it sure does not give you a complicated answer, with loads of instructions. Of course, for some of the more complicated weaving patterns, there is a need for help from an expert. But for now, especially for the beginners, this simple pattern should make you fall in love with hand weaving. Get weaving then, with a little patience and lots of creativity and fun!

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