Stabilizing T-Shirts for Quilts – Free Tutorial

With graduation season right around the corner, plenty of people are thinking about making t-shirt quilts for their graduates.  It’s not a super difficult process, but there are things to keep in mind, like stabilizing the shirts.  This tutorial from New Quilters demonstrates how to do that.

T-shirts are a fun way to show off all kinds of things.  However, they are made of knit, which does not quilt well on its own.  It stretches far too much to quilt using standard techniques.  That is why the fabric needs to be stabilized first.

In this handy tutorial you will find suggestions for the type of fusible web to use and tips on how to effectively cut out the shirt design.  There is even a video tutorial to guide you through the whole process.

If you plan on making a t-shirt quilt, it will help to read this first.  It can help ensure that the shirts don’t get ruined during the quilt making process.

Click here to get the tutorial: How to Stabilize T-shirts for Quilting

[photo from New Quilters]

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