Step-by-step Instructions to Tie a Snell Knot Explained with Pictures


Although ‘snell’ in this context is the name of a knot, its verb form ‘to snell’ or ‘snelling’ means to tie or fasten, and is increasingly used by fishing enthusiasts.

If you’re a beginner to fishing and fishing knots, a snell knot is one of the most basic and widely used fishing knots that you need to learn. The knot was originally invented to be tied to eyeless hooks, and is very useful in terms of fishing as it aligns the fishing line with the hook.

This knot couples great with the angled fishing technique, wherein hobbyists use different types of bait hooks to catch fish. Some of such hooks which you can look for include worm hooks, ‘J’ hooks, or circular hooks. You could even make use of an eyeless hook if you have one.

Refer to the instructions given below to tie an appropriate snell knot.

How to Tie a Traditional Snell Knot
Snell knot step-1
Begin with passing the leader through the eye, and keep enough length so as to loop the line 7 – 8 times around the shank.
Snell knot step-2
Now, form a loop around the hook and pass the leader through the eye for a second time.
Snell knot step-3
Wrap the standing line near the eye behind itself (from under the hook) leading to the formation of the first loop.
Snell knot step-4
Twist this loop around the shank of the hook.
Snell knot step-5
Go on twisting the line around the shank for another 6 – 7 times, and then pull the line to shrink the knot.
Snell knot step-6
Lubricate the knot, and then pull both ends to tighten it. Cut the tag ends, and your knot is complete.
Snell knot step-7
How to Tie a Uni Snell Knot
Snell knot variation-1
Pass the leader through the eye of the hook keeping it parallel to the shank. Then form a loop and twist the leader around the line for 6 – 7 times.
Snell knot variation-2
Retrieve the leader from the loop and pull both ends to tighten the knot. Your quick snell knot is all ready.
Now that you’re well versed with tying this basic but essential fishing knot, use it on your fishing expeditions and have fun!

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