Amazing Glass Wave Sculptures by Ben Young

Amazing Glass Wave Sculptures by Ben Young

New styled glass figurines by Sydney based artist Ben Young. The self-taught artist, who has been making glass sculptures for more than 15 decades, handcrafts every sculpture by hand layer upon layer without the use of a computer or high-tech machinery. Young artist compliments the organic glass contours with industrial materials like concrete to create physical and visual contrasts between the textures and colors of both materials. “How I use the glass lets me portray so many distinct components of my conceptual thoughts. Lighting plays a massive role in the presentation of my pieces. When lit from beneath, the lighting reflects and gives off the illusion of this item being brought to life. I expect viewers might envision the job as something “alive” that generates the illusion of distance, movement, depth, and awareness of spatial being. I like to play with all the irony between the glass being a solid substance and how I can sort such natural and natural shapes.”

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