Amazing Life-Sized Wedding Dress Cake

Amazing Life-Sized Wedding Dress Cake

As cake art grows increasingly creative and complex, the possibilities for wedding confections are seemingly endless. The contemporary cakes offer more than just stiff white icing. They transcend the traditional and are elevated into the realm of edible sculptures. Baker extraordinaire Emma Jayne showcases this in one of her latest creations that appeared at the Cake International show in London. At first glance, the life-size wedding dress cake doesn’t look like a confection at all; instead, it appears to be a beautiful floor-length gown. But in actuality, it’s a completely edible version of a real couture ensemble.

Jayne crafted every piece of this amazing cake by hand. Her source material was a dress by Philippines-based designer Mak Tumang, and his vision looks like something a princess would wear. Among its pepulm-style silhouette, flowers flow down the bodice and skirt with crystals that trail down the back.

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Miraculously, Jayne was able to faithfully recreate the details that make Tumang’s creation shine. So, how did she do it? To produce the floral volume, she rolled and pressed each bloom and then attached it the large form. Mimicking the scattered white pearls required a special tool called a dragéekiss, which individually attached the sprinkles to look like they were really sewn on. Check out all the spectacular details below – this might be the one time when a cake looks good enough to wear!

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