Basketball Tattoo Ideas


Very often, it is seen that people who have the passion for a particular sport display a symbol related to that sport. It shows their admiration for the sport. So is the case with basketball lovers. They too do not leave a single stone unturned to get themselves inked with basketball themed tattoos. These tattoos made their mark in the mid ’90s. The trend started after a number of players belonging to the NBA started adorning their bodies with such tattoos and showing them off. One of the first players to get himself inked was none other than the famous Dennis Rodman.

There are a number of basketball-inspired themes which a person can choose from.

  • Among other designs, often-used designs are illustrations of players or an image of a basketball itself. There are a number of variations which can be made to a basketball design. For example, the basketball can have some slogan or name of the team printed on it.
  • A team logo is the another design which is big with tattoo aficionados. If you want to get a bigger tattoo, then you may also opt for a team name along with the logo.
  • Some of the most commonly used designs are flaming tattoos, a basketball adorned with facial expressions, or different variations of basketballs being dumped into the nets.
  • Some people have also chosen to get an image of a fierce animal with the logo of the team or their favorite number tattooed on themselves.
  • Some crazy fans also opt for tattoo designs worn by their favorite basketball players.
  • Some fans show their dedication to a team by wearing a temporary tattooed logo of the team when attending a game.
  • A crazy basketball fan had also got an entire basketball court tattooed on himself.
  • You can also be innovative and add designs to the basic basketball image. An example would be basketballs with wings or a with a cap resting on the ball.
  • One design, which I have personally liked, is that of a basketball plummeting towards the earth like an asteroid.
  • Sprouting bursts of sunlight is another beautiful tattoo design.
  • One of the best basketball icons can be a basketball with flames. A friend has got a similar design. However, at the center of the ball is the date she got married to her boyfriend of 5 years.

For people who are fond of colors, they can splash their tattoos with a myriad variety of colors. There are those who have also chosen to get golden, silver or bronzed colored tattoos on themselves. These tattoos can be placed on the back, shoulder blades, chest, arms, etc. Normally, these are so placed that they are visible to other people.

Whenever you opt for any tattoo, get a temporary tattoo made before you opt for the permanent one. This way, you will be sure that it is indeed the tattoo design you want to adorn your body with.

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