Upper Back Tattoos


For a person who is trying to make a style statement will probably like to get a tattoo done. Tattoos do contribute a lot in the coolness quotient. And since there are literally thousands of designs available, you do not need to worry about yours being common. The locations which are the most popular for tattoos are the back, sleeve, ankle, etc. Among them, back tattoos have the highest popularity. Back tattoos are mainly divided into upper and lower back tattoos. Lower back tattoos are done mostly by girls, after all they are the ones who can flaunt them well!
Why Upper Back Tattoos
There are several reasons behind choosing the upper back as the location for getting a tattoo. First of all, unlike other tattoo locations, these can be easily hidden. So it is a good option for people who work in organizations where tattoos are not allowed. Second of all, there is lots of space available and so extensive tattoo designs can be done. Third of all, there is no danger of tattoo distortion in case of upper back tattoos, unlike sleeve or belly tattoos. In fact, if you wish you can extend the tattoo to make it a full back tattoo anytime. These were some of the common reasons to why an upper back is chosen as compared to other tattoos.
Design Ideas to Consider
Tribal Tattoos
Tribal tattoos are among the first choices for any tattoo lover. There are loads of reasons to why these tattoos are so popular. The main reason is the broad design which can be done with the help of black ink. Because of the broad designs, these tattoos are easily visible. The same broad pattern also gives a mystic look to them! Besides, tribal tattoos are quite extensive and so cover a large expanse in a go. This makes them the first choice when it comes to upper arm tattoos. You can opt for the classic tribal tattoos or the variations available in them like the Maori, Polynesian, etc. Dragon tattoos are also one of the popular designs, especially among guys, so if you want your tattoo to attract attention, tribal tattoos are the right choice for you.
Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo designs. Celtic tattoos have quite a few meanings, so if you are opting for Celtic tattoos, you should first know their meaning. The designs that are available in Celtic tattoos are spirals, knots, loops and triangles. Mostly, people choose only one of the four main Celtic designs for their tattoo, you can, however, blend of all designs to make your tattoo unique. The most popular Celtic design among girls is the ‘Claddagh’. The Claddagh is a heart which is held high by two hands and is crowned. So if you want to celebrate Valentine’s in a new way, get a Claddagh engraved on your upper back.
Animal Tattoos
Animal tattoos are also a very good and popular choice. Animals which can be depicted on the upper back include tiger, leopard, lion, wolf, dolphin, etc. Animal tattoos symbolize strength and bravery, so if you wish to get a tattoo done for those reasons, animal tattoos are one of the best tattoos for you!
Whichever design you opt for, do not forget to take proper tattoo care as upper back tattoos are generally quite big and need to be taken care of, if you wish to flaunt them and not hide them!
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